Ćemalova 5, 88000 Mostar, BiH



Trebižat is a river in Herzegovina, in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the largest tributary of the Neretva river when it takes into account the entire flow of this river, which runs and plunges several times, which is why it has several names. In the municipality of Ljubuški, Trebižat creates two attractive wonders of nature: the waterfalls of Kravica and Koćiš. From the source in Peć-Mlin near Ljubuški to the mouth of the Neretva in the village of Struge Trebižat is 51.3 km long and with a river basin near 646 km². This river has nine names: Culaša – Ričina – Brina – Suvaja (Posušje) – Matica – Vrlika (Imotski) – Tihaljina – Mlade – Trebižat (Ljubuški).


Area: 17 m²

Beds: 1 x double bed, courtyard view, ground floor

Bathroom: YES

Air conditioning: Heating/Cooling

Mini refrigerator: YES

Wi-Fi: YES

Kitchen: YES, kitchen on the ground floor, available to all guests

  • One key that opens the entrance door to the building, the entrance door to the apartment, and a shared kitchen
  • Comfortable mattress with latoflex backing
  • Pillow / extra pillow on request
  • Cover, extra blanket for each bed
  • Face, shower and floor towels
  • Baby cot on request
  • Nightstand with lamps next to each bed
  • Bathroom with shower, washbasin, Atlantic water heater, mirror, cosmetic mirror with magnifier, hair dryer, bath, shampoo, toilet paper and toiletries
  • Ecofriendly water, energy and C02 on taps and showers
  • Day light
  • Mirror for the whole figure
  • Toshiba Smart TV with 100+ programs, Internet and radio channels
  • A script with a list of TV channels, instructions, recommendations and house rules
  • Heating: Air conditioning, in winter period, if necessary, electric radiators ATLANTIC
  • Cooling: air conditioning split system
  • Comfortable wardrobe with hanging part, shelves and drawers
  • Mini fridge in closet
  • LED lighting
  • Pictures of the river by which the rooms were named
  • Sitting set 3-2-1 and table
  • Mosquito nets (window insect protection)
  • PP apparatus

The kitchen:

  • Nobel drinking water filter system
  • Dispenser with filtered ice, hot water and room temperature at any time for immediate preparation of Nescafé, tea, soup, baby food, and all cold water drinks
  • Nobel water softener for the whole building
  • Induction plate
  • Oven
  • Napa
  • Fridge
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave oven
  • Plates, pots, pans, cups, glasses, kettles…
  • First aid – shared space / kitchen
  • Shared space / kitchen
  • Notice board
  • PP apparatus


  • Table and chairs for each apartment
  • Waste Disposal Kits
  • Map of the city
  • Notice board with notifications
  • Faucet in the yard
  • Three garden sofas with flowers

Our restaurant recommendations:

Restaurant Kolo on Buni (restaurant on the water, beautiful ambience in the mouth of the river Bunica in Buna, 12 km towards Počitelj), Udovice (the best lamb in the world, 12 km towards Medjugorje), Romanca (vineyard restaurant with its own wine cellar).

In the town we recommend Del Rio over the Neretva River (fish, pasta, grill), Šuman (fish restaurant), Karting club (Herzegovina specialties, grill) Megi / Roma (pasta, pizza), Prestige (Mepas mall), Čevabdžinica Rota (traditional Bosnian food). In the Old Town there are a number of restaurants overlooking the Old Bridge with classic tourist menus.

Shopping: Mepas Mall (the largest shopping center in the area)

Day and Night Life: Mostar has lot coffee bars on both sides. They are located at the following locations. Bulevar, Old Town, Fejićeva Street, the Rondo Shopping Center (Academia …), Vukovarska (Ice Bar), Center II (Shanklys pub), Blajburški Victims (Gonzales Pub), Stjepana Radića (Iguana, Black Pearl, Old Market) Coast – City Pool / Summer Period, Fenix, Caffe Mosaic, Second Way, Golden, Cube, Taboo, Alibaba …

Food shopping:  Bingo, Namex, Konzum, AC OIL shop within the gas station (0-24h), local shops and bakeries around the facility

Quality Fuel:  AC OIL Gas Pump (Bulevar, Vukovarska, Ortiješ – exit from the city towards Buni / Počitelje / HR-Metković / Dubrovnik


  • If you intend to go swimming, please inform the host. Be very careful. Nerteva is a very dangerous and ingenious river, especially in summer, when there are big differences between air and water temperatures. Entering ice water can lead to shock and severe consequences, and even death.
  • We do not recommend jumping into the water, especially from one of the bridges. Neretva is a river for highly experienced swimmers who are used to swimming in the river. The most fun to swim is Bunica. Buna is very cold and is not recommended, Radobolja is not a river for swimming. There are several dozens of smaller baths, and the biggest and most famous are Kravica and Koćiša, with attractive waterfalls.
  • We advise you to carry a bottle of water during your summer months, as they are high in the summer and often reach over 42-45 ° C in the shade and in the sun is 10 degrees higher. You can drink water in the kitchen of our facility, on the dispenser with filtered water. You do not have to buy water because the water is filtered through modern filtration systems.
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